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Health surveys have shown that, in Rajasthan, nearly half of the children below the age of three are undernourished. Inadequate food and low water intake lead to physical weaknesses in children, making them susceptible to diseases like anemia, night blindness, jaundice and tuberculosis. The lack of adequate nutrients also translates into mental lethargy. As a result, these children find the classroom a burden rather than a place for fun and learning.

So, the Rawal Mallinathji Foundation runs a midday meal program, which provides cooked food for children of government schools. This boosts attendance at school besides providing wholesome, nutrition.

The foundation is also involved in promoting health camps and scholarships for children as well as teacher training centers for staff. On a larger scale, community-based programs relating to afforestation, wasteland development, environmental conservation and animal husbandry projects have also been undertaken. The foundation also addresses problems that the local context gives rise to. Research on sociological studies of the desert, relating specifically to child nutrition and health is also funded by our organization.

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